Oxford University Dancesport Club

Rock 'n' Roll

We run classes in two very different but equally great styles. The modern style is fast-paced and highly energetic, ideal for show routines and group demonstrations. The authentic 50s style is a relaxed style ideal for freestyles and social dancing. For more information, check out the dance descriptions page.

Beginners modern: This class caters for people who want to get started with the basic modern rock 'n' roll step and learn some of the core footwork moves that make up routines all the way up to world championship level.

Intermediate modern: This class takes the moves from the beginners classes, adds some more varied and interesting choreography and starts to craft it into full routines. On top of that it covers styling and technique points that help add that all important sharpness and style.

Acrobatic: Acrobatics is one of the trademarks of the modern style. Don't worry if you can't bench press a car or if you've never won an Olympic medal in gymnastics - you will learn everything you need to know under careful supervision. This class covers a range of moves from beginner level right through to advanced, so all are welcome.

Authentic 50s: In this class you will learn an authentic 50s rock 'n' roll style ideal for social dancing.