Oxford University Dancesport Club

IVDC 2010

D Team

This is it; the day we were all waiting for had arrived: the Inter Varsity Dance Competition 2010. As usual the competition was held in the fantastic Winter Gardens and the culmination of five months of blood, toil, tears and sweat (well, not too much blood) was decided in just one day. Oxford suffered some mixed results in the opens, but this was very quickly forgotten after a monumental performance in the Team Match.

In the opens beginner couple Samara Kolli and Colleen Curran finished 4th in the Waltz, while Jeremy Jones and Sarah Walker took the bronze in the Quickstep. Jeremy and Sarah also took 3rd place in the Cha, and they were joined by Petros Siegkas and Julia Lee in the final, who finished 5th. Rounding off the preteam finalists are Peter Goodliffe and Georgina Johnson who took 4th place in the Jive. In the Novice Ballroom event Captain Greg and partner Becca finished runner up and they were joined in the final by Matt and Kitty.

C Team

In the Intermediate events two of our most consistent couples once again did us proud. Zsolt and May rounded off a fantastic year by taking first place once more in the Ballroom with another top place in all 3 dances. Melvin and Patricia also made the final finishing in an impressive 3rd place. They went one better in the afternoon finishing a (very) close second in the Latin.

In the Advanced categories the results were surprising given our successes at previous competitions. Having said that we still had 3 couples in the ballroom final! Daniel and Sazzle finished in 2nd, Oli and Marja came 4th and Paul and Becky finished 6th. In the Latin we also had 3 couples representing the Dark Blues; Peter and Reka took 2nd place and they were joined in the final by Ivan and Helen and Daniel and Sarah who finished 6th and 7th.

B Team

Up next was the main event: the Team Match! All four of our teams made the semi final of the first division, and the A and B teams made the 7 team final. Our D team was the only one to make the top twelve and so walked away with the D team cup. Our C team also walked away with their top prize by finishing top in the 'playoff' ahead of the only other C team to make the semi, which was Cambridge's. In the final our B team finished fourth behind the big three A teams, and therefore won the B team shield. With the B, C and D team trophies now under wraps we were safe in the knowledge that we would go home as the top overall team! All there was left to decide was the top A team. Imperial finished in 3rd place, leaving us all in suspense as we waited to see who came out on top: Oxford A or Cambridge A. Will Oxford clean up and win all five trophies or will Cambridge steal the main prize? And the winner is...... Oxford A! The most coveted prize on the University circuit is back where it belongs, with the Dark Blues. All our dancers deserve huge congratulations for this achievement! A special well done to Oli and Marja, Peter and Reka and Daniel and Sarah who all finished top in their dance, and Melvin and Patricia, who once again danced their hearts out to finish 3rd in an amazing Jive final.

A Team

It is the biggest win Oxford has seen in almost a decade and celebrations went on long into the night/next morning. It was a very tired group of dancers that got up the following morning to take the coach back home, and while we may take a few days off we all know there is one more task ahead of us before we finish for the year: Reclaiming the Varsity Trophy!