OUDC has Blues status within Oxford University. This is a prestigious status which indicates that our team is recognised by the University for its high sporting standards and achievements. It is the highest status a sports club can possess at Oxford and Cambridge.

OUDC has ‘Full Blue’ status. Blues are awarded to those individuals deemed worthy by the President (as Team Captain) and the Head Coach. The award of a Blue depends on performance throughout the year and at the varsity match and on achievement of the criteria agreed to by the Blues committees.

Those who compete for the varsity A-team and who make the quarter final of the team match at the national championships (IVDC) but do not achieve the Full Blue criteria are considered for a Half Blue award.

Blue and Half Blue award receivers normally purchase the famous ‘Blues Blazer’ with the sports club’s crest on the breast pocket (two additional lines indicate a Half Blue). Women may purchase Blues pins/broaches (gold for a Blue, silver for a Half Blue) or scarves (striped for Half Blue).

The awards are announced at the end of Trinity Term and certificates are presented at the next Club ball.