OUDC is committed to keeping in touch with its former members.

If you are a former OUDC member, we would like you to join our alumni mailing list. You will then receive regular newsletters reporting on our activities as well as annoucements of events such as the Club ball. You will also be able to get in touch with other former OUDC members.

We are appealing to interested alumni to support our activities through small, regular donations. Many of you will remember that dancing for our team is a rather expensive activity, with team members having to spend large amounts out of their student income on competition entries, transport etc. In addition, we need to maintain and improve the costumes worn by team members in competitions. Each small donation can make a big difference to the students currently competing.

Our alumni donating scheme is administered through the Oxford University Development Office and enables former members to donate an amount of their choice on a regular basis. For details please click here.