Rock ‘n’ Roll

We run four different classes; beginners’ modern footwork, improvers’ modern footwork, acrobatics and authentic. Modern is fast and furious, authentic is smooth and social. Both are awesome but very different so pick whichever is right for you. Or just do both!

Beginners modern

This is where we teach the fundamentals of the modern WRRC dance style. The class is suitable for all; no prior dance experience is required. In these classes we teach the 9-step basic, the basis for the entire dance, and lots of the classic moves that form the bulk of our individual and formation routines.

This is a great class if you’re looking for a way to do something creative and, if you want to push yourself a bit harder, it’s a great way to improve your fitness and stamina. You’ll also be able to put together short sequences of very impressive dance steps and, you might even like to join the team.

Improvers modern

For those who’ve gained a proficiency with the basic step and simple footwork figures and want to start really making it look impressive. In this class we focus on reinforcing the techniques that really bring the energy and power of the dance to life. We also teach more complex footwork sequences that form the basis for the team’s formation demonstration and competition routines.


This is the element of modern Rock ‘n’ Roll that really sets it apart from any other dance you’re likely to find. Doing acrobatics is incredibly fun, very safe, and a lot easier than you might think. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’re able to pick up loads of exciting moves!