Our team and beginners team attend the following six university competitions each year.

  • Warwick Competition – Michaelmas Term
  • Nottingham Competition – Michaelmas Term
  • Sheffield Competition – Hilary Term
  • Southern Universities Dance Competition (SUDC) – Hilary Term
  • Inter Varsity Dance Competition (IVDC) – Hilary Term
  • Varsity Match (Oxford versus Cambridge) – Trinity Term

Our team competes in the team matches at these competitions. Our beginners team competes in the beginners events. Any student couple can compete in the open events. If you would like to come along to compete, or just to spectate, please contact the President. We can offer you access to practice halls and might be able to help find you a partner.

We offer competitive technique classes to members of our team. There is some room at these classes for other club members who are of sufficiently high standard and have obtained permission to attend from the Head Coach. If you are an experienced dancer (e.g. someone who has competed at intermediate or advanced level on the university circuit) and would like to attend, please contact the Head Coach.

More details about forthcoming competitions can be found on the website of the Inter Varsity Dance Association.