The quickstep was developed from the foxtrot, charleston and one-step as an interpretation of the sophisticated uptempo music that was emerging in the 1920s. A dance based upon walks and chasses, it has a tempo of approximately 50 bars per minute.



  • Backward Lock Step
  • Change of Direction
  • Chasse Reverse Turn
  • Forward Lock Step
  • Impetus Turn
  • Natural Pivot Turn
  • Natural Spin Turn
  • Natural Turn at a Corner
  • Natural Turn with Hesitation
  • Progressive Chasse
  • Progressive Chasse to R.
  • Quarter Turns to Left
  • Quarter Turns to R.
  • Quick Open Reverse
  • Tipple Chasse to R.
  • Zig-zag Back Lock Running Finish


  • Cross Swivel
  • Double Reverse Spin
  • Fish-Tail
  • Four Quick Run
  • Natural Turn Back Lock Running Finish
  • Open Impetus Turn
  • Running Right Turn
  • V-6


  • Hover Corte
  • Rumba Cross
  • Six Quick Run
  • Tipsy