Ballroom tango developed from the original form of the dance, which started in the slums of Argentina. For years it was seen as scandalous to dance but gradually the tango was ‘cleaned up’ and became socially acceptable in Europe in the 1900s. It has a very different hold from the other ballroom dances and projects an element of feline stealth in the walks.



  • Back Corte
  • Basic Reverse Turn
  • Closed Promenade
  • Natural Promenade Turn
  • Natural Rock Turn
  • Natural Twist Turn
  • Open Promende
  • Open Reverse Lady Outside Open Finish
  • Open Reverse Turn Lady-in-line Finish
  • Progressive Link
  • Progressive Side Step
  • Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn
  • Rock on L.F.
  • Rock on R.F.


  • Brush Tap
  • Fallaway Promenade
  • Four Step
  • Four Step Change
  • Outside Swivel
  • Promenade Link


  • Back Open Promenade
  • Chase
  • Drop or Tilt Sway
  • Fallaway Four Step
  • Oversway