Viennese Waltz

Some people claim that the dance was originally German and dates back to the 12th/13th centuries in Bavaria while others believe that it developed from the ‘volta’ danced in the French region of Provence. Either way, it has had a chequered history. In 1813 Mr Byron condemned the waltz as being ‘unchaste’ and in 1933 the ‘Good Behaviour’ book stated that it was ‘a dance of too loose character for maidens to perform’! Today, in the competition environment, the Viennese waltz with its fast tempo of 58-60 measures per minute is seen by many competitors as the dance of endurance.



  • Natural Turn
  • Reverse Turn
  • Closed Changes Forward


  • Closed Changes Backward


  • Reverse Fleckerl
  • Natural Fleckerl
  • Contra Check